We have the attention of thousands of trivia fans each week.

Our pub trivia nights tend to attract a crowd. These crowds happen to be an attractive demographic for advertisers. The majority of our loyal fans are young (69% between 25-34), educated, and have a fair amount of disposable income.

For two hours each week, we have their rapt attention. Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to get your message across to them?

We have several ways we can help:

Answer Sheet Sponsorship

Join a trivia team for a night. Throughout the entire night, our answer sheets are on each team’s table and are constantly being used to write down answers. This is a great way to get in front of our fans all night long.

Prize Promotions

There are several ways to promote your company or event through our end of the night prizes. We can sweeten the pot (typically bar credit) with your  product or event tickets. The special prize as well as your company will be mentioned frequently throughout the night.

Alternately, if your company’s product or service isn’t appropriate for a prize, we offer the ability to co-brand merchandise to be used as additional trivia winner prizes. Thomas Paine once said, “What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem to lightly.” Winning a round of Whaddayaknow? Trivia is no easy task. The team that wins Whaddayaknow? Trivia and your company branded pint glasses (or anything else) will esteem that prize quite highly.

Sponsored Bonus Round

Everyone loves the person buying the next round. By sponsoring a bonus round question, you get a 30-spot to tell your story before a numbers based trivia question. The individual or team that guesses closest to the correct answer wins a free drink courtesy of their new favorite advertiser. You can even have the question customized to fit your company or industry.

Sponsored Daily Trivia Question

Everyday we post a daily trivia question to help keep our trivia fanatics satisfied until the next match. These questions are featured on our website as well as broadcast to all of our thousands of Facebook friends, Twitter follows, newsletter subscribers, and RSS readers. You can choose between text ads or color full banner ads (468×60 pixels). The daily trivia question can be tailored to relate to your company or industry.

There is no time like the present to get your message out there

Give us a ring or use the form below to learn more about advertising with Whaddayaknow? Free Pub Trivia.