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  • Bonus Photo 4/3/13

    For a bonus point at trivia tonight, identify the woman pictured here. She assumed her ...

What word is both: a) the name of a breed of bird with 5 species that are all endangered, and b) another name for a fruit known as “the Chinese Gooseberry”?

It is also an informal term for a specific group of people.

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What EUROPEAN country borders THREE other European countries that have names that end end in the letter “Y”?

All of the countries in question are completely located in Europe – “Turkey” does apply here, as is partially located in Asia.

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Between 1998-2003, 4 CANADIAN music artists received a Grammy Award nomination for “Best Female POP Performance” and 3 of them won the award. Name them.

Alanis Morissette is NOT one of them, as she won “Best Rock Album” earlier in the 1990s, and this applies to “Best Female POP Performance.”

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