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The Caspian Sea only borders 1 country with a name that does NOT end in “AN.” What is it?

5 countries have coastline on the sea

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What is both: a) the title of a hit song by singer Fontella Bass in 1965 that topped the U.S. R&B charts, and b) the title of a basic cable television series that aired from 2004-2011?

The television series is deemed a “comedy-drama,” but stars a comedian in the lead role, who also produced the show.

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2 films released during the 1990s which WON the Academy Award for “Best Picture” each have the name of an animal as part of its title. Name both films.

One featured its director in a starring role, and the other featured an actor and actress that each won an Academy Award for their respective roles.

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What famous novel, written in 1862, is notable for having the longest sentence in classic literature, at 823 words?

It was adapted into a very successful musical of the same name in 1980.

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