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Add Trivia to Your Special Event

You know what makes any special event even more special? A fun filled custom game of trivia. We specialize in designing trivia matches tailored to whatever gathering you are holding, whether is a party, corporate get-together, fund raiser, or something else.

If you want a fun, low cost entertainment event at your holiday party, contact Whaddayaknow Trivia.  You won’t be disappointed!

Whaddayaknow? Trivia makes it easy to include a trivia match during your special event. We provide the question set, customized to the interests of your audience, as well as the answer sheets, pencils, and hosting guide. In select cities, we can even provided an experienced trivia host if needed.

So come on and spice up that normally boring corporate off-site. Give people a reason to attend your fund raiser. Make that party memorable. Contact us below for more details.

Trivia Fundraiser

Trivia Fundraiser for Chicago Cat Rescue.

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