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Where to Find Free Pub Trivia Nights

While the right to fun and free pub trivia isn’t quite as important as say the right to vote or free speech, we think its gotta be at least top five. So we are doing are part to spread the joy of food, drinks, friends, and trivia all over this wonderful nation.
Chicago Trivia


Looking to work up a little mental sweat over drinks with friends in Chicago? We got you covered. With 30 locations covering 6 nights a week, you’re sure to find a trivia night nearby.

More coming soon

After refining our product on the mean streets of Chicago, Whaddayaknow? Trivia is ready to take the rest of the country by storm. If your favorite pub or bar would be even more awesome with a kick-ass trivia night, then let us know.

If you think you’d be an amazing trivia host or just like the idea of having to head to a bar for “work” then consider joining the team.