We will build a a crowd of trivia regulars for you and keep them coming back every week.

Hosting Whaddayaknow? Trivia is easy and affordable. You decide when you want to hold your weekly trivia night and what prize you want to offer to the winner (usually a gift certificate to be used on another night). We provide everything else including:
  • An experienced trivia host if needed – you can also choose provide your own host for a discounted rate
  • Weekly fact-checked and challenging question sets and photo ID round package.
  • Answer sheets and pens
  • A featured profile on our website and weekly advertising through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Customized and co-branded flyers to help you market your event.
  • Our Best Practices Guide, offering the lessons learned from years and thousands of successful trivia nights

We offer a 1 week free trial week with no obligation! Our track record is more than proven – give us a try with absolutely no risk!

We run Chicago's PREMIERE Trivia Event twice a year – The Whaddayaknow? Free Pub Trivia Tournament of Champions. 100 teams compete for glory; and to represent their bars!

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