Q: I've subscribed to a tier on Patreon! What else do I need to do to play?
A: You must register at freepubtrivia.com/login (New Account) with the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as the Patreon account. Your username will be your chat handle. You can then create a team, a team password, and add team members by email address.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of team members who can be added?
A: Add as many team members as you like, but only EIGHT can access a game at once. There is also an eight person limit per team for a given game. Keep your general/rotating group as large as you want -  if every person who enjoys playing pitches in just a couple bucks a month, it'll be super cheap for everyone!

Q: Do all team members need to fully register on the website to play?
A: No - the team creator (ie. yourself) is the only one who needs to fully register on the website. Other members do NOT need to register to play. They can access the game by: a) clicking Join Game at freepubtrivia.com (link posted 30 min+ before game starts), and b) entering their email address (that was registered on the roster by the creator), team name, & Game Code (posted w/the link).

Q: Can a player whose email is not added to a team roster join the game?
A: If a player enters an email that was not added by the creator, he/she will need the team password as well to join the team for the game.

Q: We typically just have a team member share their screen with us. Is that alright, or does everyone need to log into the stream to play?
A: By ALL means, continue that practice if it's best for you - no, not everyone needs to directly join the game to play. The step of joining the game only applies to players who want to access the stream/answer sheet on their device. You are on the honor system with playing EIGHT OR FEWER PLAYERS for a given game - don't ruin the integrity of the game or yourself (as well as cheat other teams)!

Q: What should I do if I have trouble logging into a game, and am unsure of what is wrong?
A: Any player having issues joining a game can post in the open chat at the bottom left corner of the screen (it will appear once an attempt to join is made) to communicate with us (they'll be randomly assigned a handle). On a related note, once logged in, if you do not see the Whaddayaknow Chatroom in the bottom left corner, click Leave Game and rejoin, and it should be there (you won't lose anything at all). 

Q: I sometimes play with different groups. Can I create multiple teams under my account?
A: You can create up to three different teams with a registered account (ie. three team names, so you can pick which to play with for each game). Your Patreon subscription is linked to your registered account, so games will be deducted from any team created from that account once it plays.

Q: Can I also be a member of other teams (created by other users)?
A: Yes, you can be a member of other teams (as a non creator). When you play a game with one of those teams, the game will be deducted from the account that created the team.

Q: Are there prizes for the winning teams? When is the subscriber Whaddayadough credited?
A: Of course! The top three teams are credited with WhaddayaDOUGH (100 for 1st place, 50 for 2nd, & 25 for 3rd) after every game! Whaddayadough is redeemable at our online store (freepubtrivia.com/store) which is full of AWESOME products (with more to come)! Your team also receives automatic monthly Whaddayadough, depending on your tier, which is credited on the 28th of every month (any team who subscribes before the 28th of a month will receive it in full). Accumulate as much Whaddayadough as you can, and cash it in for some great prizes!

Q. Are there any browsers I should not use?
A: Do not use Internet Explorer. The use of Firefox is not ideal if accessing the answer sheet from a phone.

Q: How do I know what tier I should sign up for?
A: That depends on how often your group plays. The Bronze tier allows for four games a month (about once a week), the Silver tier 10 games, and the Gold Tier allows you to play unlimited games (we host 16-18 per month, with 4-5 trivia bingo games to be added soon)! Every tier features a rate that is $5 or LESS per game per team, so if you have a group of 6 who regularly play, it would be just 83 cents (or less) per person per game (or even less than that with more people contributing)!
Q: Are you still running themed trivia?
A: Yes - every Wednesday is a theme night, and this month's schedule is posted here. We are always open to suggestions for themes  - don't hestitate to send yours to us! General knowledge games are facilitated on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Q: Are there are any futher plans to expand the product/subscription perks this year?
A: Absolutely and always! Weekly Trivia Bingo will be back soon (available to all tiers), and we'll be adding more games with audio rounds, specialized games, items to the store (both physical and digital), as well as many more fun perks for all subscribers! We are ALWAYS open to feedback and suggestions as well - email dan@freepubtrivia.com any time!
THANK YOU so much for your support during the current times - every bit goes a LONG way in enabling us to continue our operation!

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