Hosting Since: 2020

You can find Meagan Guerin at the following locations:

Butch McGuire's- Tuesday at 7:00PM

From: Chicago, IL
Saying Sporty Sports Sport Sports Since: 2016
Is Also: Commercial Space Hunter

Favorite thing about trivia? Dragging out the answer to the Name the Year category.

TV show character you most closely resemble? Randy Marsh

#1 thing on your bucket list? Dip a taco into a fountain of nacho cheese.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? The power to open automated doors a few moments sooner than they typically would open.

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what about it be? Pizza. All day, everyday.

Favorite trivia team name? Tanya Hardings Greatest Hits

You can find Dylan Vee at the following locations:

The Beetle- Monday at 6:00PM
Hideaway Pizza Bar- Tuesday at 7:30PM

From: Des Moines, IA
Hosting Since: 2014

You can find Lee Reighard at the following locations:

The Rambler Kitchen & Tap- Tuesday at 7:00PM(Trivia Bingo)
The Rambler Kitchen & Tap- Thursday at 7:00PM

Hosting Since: 2020

Hosting Since: 2014

From: Needham, Massachusetts
Demanding Free Shots Since: 2008
Is Also: Owner and Leader of W? FPT

Dan enjoys the beat of his own drummer and is a man of many interests, so the whole trivia field is right up his alley. He graduated from Boston College in 2003, worked in the Boston Public Special Ed/Music Department/conducted a children's church choir for a few years before switching it up to Chicago to pursue sound engineering, another interest. He is a big music fan: has dabbled in bands, plays piano, guitar, soccer, hockey, and was a chorus geek throughout his school days. Trivia began as a side project to meet some people in Chicago and make some extra money after his move, and it took off quickly - the rest is history. Dan writes all of the material for Whaddayaknow? which has consumed his life for a while now, but still very much enjoys it, so he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon as W? has still has many places to go.

You can find Dan Burns at the following locations:

Waterhouse Tavern & Grill- Wednesday at 7:00PM

From: Chicago, IL
PHPing Since: 2018
Is Also: Not a movie theater manager

Favorite thing about trivia? Telling Dan to make DBZ the TV show.

Least favorite thing about trivia? Dan never makes DBZ the TV show.

#1 thing on your bucket list? Eating a platter of beef jerky and Cheez-Its(again).

If you could have a super power, what would it be? Recall from memory any and all lines from The Might Ducks franchise, and speak it in that characters' voice.

If you could be anywhere right now - where would you be? A cold soundproof basement with no natural light. Not for nefarious purposes, just so I don't have to constantly worry about changing the volume level when watching a movie. Seriously, why is the sound mixing so bad in movies?

From: Palos Hills, IL
Hosting Since: 2015
Is Also: Project Coordinator at a startup company

Mike played regularly at 3 Corners in Lemont back in the day (it was a Wednesday btw), and upon returning to U of I for graduate school, he decided to start up a Whaddayaknow? game at a local favorite bar. Mike enjoys being debatably good at recreational ultimate frisbee and sand volleyball, but not enough to play in super competitive leagues.

You can find Michael Ponte at the following locations:

Pour Bros. Craft Taproom- Thursday at 7:00PM

From: Rolling Meadows, IL
Hosting Since: 2014
Is Also: Records Auditor, Comedian

When John could not get enough playing trivia, he decided to start hosting (RIP Team #Train). When John isn't hosting he's out performing with his sketch comedy group The Citizens of Townsville. John is an avid sports fan, and holds the Chicago Cubs dear to his heart. There isn't a movie John doesn't know or can't quote.

You can find John Deger at the following locations:

Woodie's Flat- Monday at 7:30PM
The Green Lady- Thursday at 8:00PM

From: Homewood, IL
Hosting Since: 2016
Is Also: Education Non-Profit Manager

Joe is a trivia player turned host.

Favorite thing about trivia? The sound of the collective "Ohhhhh" after a correct answer is read after a tough question.

TV show character you most closely resemble? Physically, I'm not sure but I've been told that I mirror the aura and general persona of Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec.


Guilty pleasure? Vanderpump Rules. Easy. They're the worst people on earth and I give them 60 minutes of my undivided attention on Monday Nights.

You can find Joe Maloney at the following locations:

Smoke Daddy BBQ- Thursday at 7:00PM
New Line Tavern- Sunday at 7:00PM

Hosting Since: 2020

You can find Eddie Sayago at the following locations:

Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery- Thursday at 6:00PM

Hosting Since: 2018

You can find Shao-Yun Guo at the following locations:

D'Agostino's (Wrigleyville)- Monday at 7:30PM

From: Indianapolis, IN
Hosting Since: 2014
Is Also: Guitarist and comic-book mega-enthusiast

Ryan "Fun Bunz" Bundy is king of the cool men. He likes to ride on some bikes. Also, books.

Favorite thing about trivia - Best part-time job in the history of ever

Least favorite thing about trivia - Feeling dumb by not knowing any answers.

TV show character I resemble - "Hyde" from "That 70's Show"

What actor would play me in a movie - Morgan Freeman

You can find Ryan Bundy at the following locations:

Innjoy (Logan Square)- Tuesday at 8:00PM
Innjoy (Wicker Park)- Wednesday at 8:00PM
Theory- Saturday at 3:30PM(Trivia Bingo)

Hosting Since: 2020