Chicago’s Whaddayaknow? triva is always FREE to play. With great prizes every week, there is no better way to spend an evening than getting some good food and drink while teaming up with your friends to put all that useless knowledge you have to good use!

Monday Locations
D'Agostino's (Wrigleyville): 7:30PM
The Beetle: 6:00PM
Woodie's Flat: 7:30PM

Tuesday Locations
Butch McGuire's: 7:00PM
Hideaway Pizza Bar: 7:30PM
Innjoy (Logan Square): 8:00PM
Irish Nobleman Pub: 8:00PM
The Rambler Kitchen & Tap: 7:00PM (Trivia Bingo)

Wednesday Locations
Innjoy (Wicker Park): 8:00PM
Waterhouse Tavern & Grill: 7:00PM

Thursday Locations
Pour Bros. Craft Taproom: 7:00PM
Smoke Daddy BBQ: 7:00PM
The Green Lady: 8:00PM
The Rambler Kitchen & Tap: 7:00PM
Wild Blossom Meadery and Winery: 6:00PM

Friday Locations

Saturday Locations
Theory: 3:30PM (Trivia Bingo)

Sunday Locations
New Line Tavern: 7:00PM