Schedule & Perks
Games stream LIVE every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday at 7pm CST from this site! We'll run 12-14 games a month, and you can play as much as you'd like! That comes out to about $2/game (so for a team of 4, it's just 50 cents per person per game)!
Tuesday and Thursday are General Knowledge games, and Wednesdays are THEME nights, with an overarching theme for each month. See the Wednesday Theme Schedule here.
The top teams from each game will win ₩haddayadough credit, redeemable at our store! Accumulate as much as you can, and order up some great prizes - you only have to compensate for shipping! More items will be added soon!
Earn ₩50 ₩haddayadough each month, just for being a member!
Your membership will also grant your team access to coupons/specials redeemable at our live locations, and more will be added every month! We appreciate the support there as well!
Joining Games
Once purchased, you can join games on our answer sheet using your account email and the game code for that evening(the game code for each of our virtual games is always posted before start time on the main page,
You may have up to 7 other people join you by entering the same team name on the answer sheet.
If you don't play on any given night, members of your registered teams can still play that night as one of those teams!
Memberships can be canceled at any time from your account page. You can also renew at any time from that page if you change your mind.
You can play games until the end of your billing period once canceled. For example, if you paid for a membership today, you'd be able to access games until the 21th of next month.